Beautiful Fan Art Combines Blake from RWBY with Princess Zelda

I love RWBY, and I love Zelda. That’s why I love this fan art from Twitter user @mojojoj27827860 that features Blake dressed as everyone’s favorite princess. A cool thing the artist did, though, was also create a short-haired version of the picture since so many Zelda fans are loving the short-hair look the princess has in the announcement trailer for Breath of the Wild 2. I think this is fantastic, I was just surprised they featured Blake and not Ruby. My best thought is because Blake is almost sort of a princess? Now I kind of want to see them do the same thing with the rest of Team RWBY and maybe some of the other characters as well. Maybe not have them all be Zelda, but similar. We did recently see them all become Pokémon trainers after all. Why not do more of a collection with Zelda?

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