Become a Demigod in D&D Using DEMIGOD HEROES

Christopher Willett makes some cool unofficial supplements for Dungeons & Dragons. One of his latest is called Demigod Heroes and introduces a new race to the game called, well, demigods. This is exactly what you’re thinking, you get to create a character akin to Hercules and have one parent be a god of the Greek pantheon. This supplement has a larger goal in mind though. Willett wants to create a campaign setting called The Heroic Age that is based in Ancient Greece. This sounds like a really cool project overall, and after looking over Demigod Heroes, I think he has a good start.

Demigods get to choose from 12 of the Greek gods including Artemis, Hera, Hermes, Poseidon, and Zeus. Each deity gives you different Ability Score improvements to fit who they are, so you’ll probably want to know what your class is beforehand. In addition, your godliness is made manifest through different spells that your parentage gives you. For example, children of Aphrodite know Charm Person starting at level three.

This is a pretty cool idea, but I will admit that the way it is written can get a little confusing and feel overwhelming at times. If this is something you’re interested in, you can pick it up at DriveThru RPG for $2.99.

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