Become the Most Hated Person in the Room With This Ewok T-Shirt

Gear Star WarsEwok by Eli Reyes

Ewoks will forever be the pint-sized, kid-friendly, lower-budget alternative to Wookiees. Their cute faces are merely the frame for their cold, glassy eyes. Behind those eyes are animals capable of savagely murdering their enemies. You either think Ewoks are the lamest creation in the Star Wars universe — second only to Jar Jar Binks, or you think they are just lame in general. If you say you love them, I’ll attempt to ruin them for you with this question: Doesn’t Wicket bear a striking resemblance to George Lucas? Did that ruin them for you??? I sure hope so. 

If you do insist on being the most hated person in the room, the Ewok Big Face t-shirt is available for $19.99 at ThinkGeek. (Hat tip: GeekAlerts)

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