Behind-The-Scenes Photos of a Cosplay Photoshoot Can Look Silly

Photos Cosplay by Koren Butkovich

Have you ever looked at a photo of the perfect cosplay and thought, how on earth did they get that perfect shot? Well, I have too. So I decided to do some digging and found some pretty interesting stuff that goes behind the scenes of a cosplay photoshoot. To get the perfect shot, you might need to be a little silly.

We all know that on film shoots, there are a lot of green screens, CGI, and cheating going on behind the scenes. That’s the same with photography. The finished edit looks nothing like the very first photo. From making it look like you're riding a bike to some pretty crazy angels, you need a lot of imagination to think of some of the stuff these photographers did.

Sometimes a little creativity, or in some cases, a lot of creativity, goes a long way to make something look extraordinary.

Here are a few examples thanks to GoBoiano.

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