Ben Affleck Jokes That Matt Damon Is Bitter He Isn't Batman

After decades of friendship, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon still can't help but make jokes at each other's expense in interviews. Comicbook writes that Affleck stated in a recent interview that Damon is "bitter" about not being Batman...

“He’s very bitter, all he gets to do is Jason Bourne. Just keeps doing it again and again. We get it...he’s had his share...I got We Bought a Zoo on a loop in the house."

Ouch! haha. Affleck did add that he was grateful that he has gotten to break into Hollywood and celebrate success with his friend through the entirety of his career. I can only imagine, as how many of us have dreamed about doing something big with our friends and actually had it pan out in the best way possible?

Damon has stated before that he would be interested in joining the superheroes with a role of his own, but concedes that he doesn't know who he would play. His first choice was Daredevil, but considering Charlie Cox is doing such a bang up job with the series so far, I don't see Marvel stripping him of that role anytime soon. Which superhero do you think Damon could play? I think he would make a solid Booster Gold! 

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