Ben Affleck on the BATMAN V SUPERMAN and STAR WARS Hijinks

Over the last couple of months fans have been treated to some friendly hijinks between Zack Snyder and J.J. Abrams for their films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Star Wars: Episode VII. It all started when Snyder posted an image of Henry Cavill as a Sith Lord, Abrams fired back with C-3PO as the Dark Knight, we then got an image of Batman with R2-D2, followed by The Gotham City Police arresting a Stormtrooper. The last one came from Abrams sticking a Batmobile on the bottom of the Millennium Falcon.

In a recent interview, Ben Affleck revealed how all of this awesomeness we've been enjoying got started. This is what he told Yahoo:

“I think it was started because JJ [Abrams] and Colin Anderson, who is a great [camera] operator who always works on my movies, and JJ is always trying to steal, and I’m trying to steal back, sent me a picture of the two of them wearing cheap Batman masks. I showed it to Zack [Snyder], and said ‘this is bullshit, we have to do something'. I think it’s cool. The sort of meta-awareness of these movies, and the two directors going back and forth… I like it, it’s cool."

It is cool, and I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

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