Ben Affleck Says He Won't Do THE BATMAN If the Film Doesn't Come Together

It sounds like Ben Affleck's The Batman is far from a done deal. In fact, he's ready and willing to walk away from the film if it doesn't come together the way he wants it to. During a recent interview with The Guardian, Affleck said:

"It’s not a set thing and there’s no script. If it doesn’t come together in a way I think is really great I’m not going to do it.”

Good! Affleck has previously talked about his work on the film explaining that he's taking his time on it to make sure to get it right. Obviously, if he and his creative team can't crack a great story, he'll bow out of the project. He previously said:

"We still have to get a screenplay and get it together. I’m a real believer in not reverse engineering projects to meet a window or a date, but rather when you get the right story, the right idea, the right thing, then you make the movie. That’s what we’re doing, and I’m hoping to get that done. I’m spending a lot of time working on that, but also working on other stuff.
"If I could, there’s nothing I’d love more than to direct a stand-alone iconic, great Batman movie. But it’s been done. Chris Nolan did three really great movies. I’m mindful of that. I’m not in any hurry to jam the mediocre movie down the pipe. I really want to make sure, if we do it, we get the great version and one that’s worthy of tradition of guys like Tim Burton, Chris Nolan, and Christian Bale."

I really hope that he can figure it out, but he obviously hasn't seen anything that he's liked for it so far. If you ask me, he doesn't sound like he's very optimistic about it. He keeps saying he wants something great and that he doesn't want to write or direct anything that he doesn't think is "good enough to be made." If something great had been placed in front of him, he'd at least say that he has a story or idea that he want's to move forward with, but we haven't even seen that.

I hope he does come up with something, though, because I really think he's got it in him to make a great Batman film. If he does end up dropping out, I'd be curious to see how the studio would proceed without him.

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