BEN-HUR Flops With $11 Million Opening Weekend

The Ben-Hur remake has flopped with an overwhelmingly disappointing $11 million opening weekend. THR reports the film was budgeted at $100 million and finished fifth, just ahead of Pete's Dragon this weekend. The film was outshined by Suicide Squad (in its third week), Kubo and the Two Strings, War Dogs, and Sausage Party, which all finished ahead of it.

I assume they were trying to pull in lovers of old Hollywood and an older movie-going audience who may not see some of the aforementioned films, but it doesn't look like that plan was too successful. While the film did majorly flop in America, it did pull in about $30 million internationally, so there could be hope yet it makes its money back. They won't be getting my money, but what about you? 

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