Benedict Cumberbatch Sets the Record Straight About Stopping a Mugging in London


A few months ago, we heard an account from Uber driver Manuel Dias about how Benedict Cumberbatch stopped a mugging in London. Now, Cumberbatch has shared his side of the story. He was on The Ellen Show recently and Ellen DeGeneres asked him about this story. Cumberbatch says that the story was dramatized, but he did help stop a mugging.

Basically what happened was... I saw a bicycle delivery guy getting surrounded by some guys on a very cold November night, and I just stopped the Uber that we were in and got out and tried to intervene, tried to calm the kids down, who were riled up. Tried to calm [the messenger] down, who looked like he was about to fight for his life.

You can hear the man himself tell the full story below:

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