Best Buy's System Reportedly Leaks PERSONA 5 and More Coming to Nintendo Switch

Joker from Persona 5 is headed to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which has many fans wondering if his game would actually be ported over to the handheld/console hybrid that people are loving. Well, if some supposed leaks from Best Buy are anything to go off of, the answer is yes. A Twitter user going by the handle @MysticDistance shared some pictures showing a POS terminal with a listing of Persona 5 for Nintendo Switch. Of course, this could be faked, but due to it being a POS terminal and not a personal machine in the image, people are giving it more credence. Also, another Twitter user by the handle @Wario64 jumped on and shared some source code from Persona 5’s website that mentions a notice for April 25, 2019. He then says he can confirm that the Switch version of the game is in Best Buy’s system.

Wario64 then went further and found listings in the system for a Switch version of the Metroid Prime Trilogy which has been “leaked” before as well as a listing for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

As always, this should be taken with a giant grain of salt as none of these have been announced by Nintendo. Maybe we’ll get a Nintendo Direct in the near future to shed some light on these things? Do you think any of these listings are true?

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