BETTER CALL SAUL Teaser Clip - "How Do You Become Saul Goodman?"

The creators of Better Call Saul have released a teaser clip from the upcoming Breaking Bad spin-off series that asks the question… "How do you become Saul Goodman?" In the video, Vince Gilligan and showrunner Peter Gould discuss the mystery of why Saul (Bob Odenkirk) is called Jimmy McGill in the show. Saul Goodman wasn't always named Saul Goodman.

He once told Walter White that he adopted the Jewish surname to cater to the "homeboys" who "wanted a member of the tribe" to represent them. Apparently, there was a lot more to it than that, and we'll see that play out in the new series.

The video also includes a clip from the show that features Jimmy McGill saying he doesn't go out looking for guilty people to represent. He's either he's lying or things change for him in a big way later on down the road. 

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