Beyond the Future of Superhero Movies 2020-2025 - Amusing Calendar

Last week we shared an infographic that lists all the superhero movies that will be released through 2020. Dorkly took the list to a whole new level and created a parody calendar that shows us what kind of superhero movies we'll see after that. It's called "Beyond the Future of Superhero Movies 2020-2015."

The chart is packed full of funny bogus movie ideas, and it would be pretty hilarious if just one of these movie actually came into existence. Be sure to look through the chart because it has some great stuff, such as The Contractual Spider-Man, Rocket Raccoon and Groot Meet the Flintstones, and Fantastic Four 3: Turtles in Time. In all seriousness though, after Marvel announced Phase 3 of their master plan, it's going to be really interesting to see what they are looking at for Phase 4.

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