Big Changes Made To MoviePass Service, No Longer Too Good To Be True


For many of us, MoviePass has been something that has helped us see movies more often and for less money. It's a pretty great service for the monthly fee. Users could even see the same movie as many times as they wanted. But now you better not doze off in that screening paid for by MoviePass because now you only get one shot to see a movie using their service.

MoviePass announced on Twitter that it will no longer allow users to see a movie more than one time.

But that's not all, apparently, the service is no longer selling its one-movie-per-day plan and will be limiting all new subscribers to seeing only 4 movies per month. MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe says that he doesn’t know if the “unlimited” plan will ever return. In an effort to save face, MoviePass is throwing in a 3-month trial of iHeartRadio’s All Access subscription. That makes no sense, movies and radio don't exactly go hand-in-hand. Another big change is that new customers will be billed quarterly, not monthly, so you have to pay for MoviePass in three-month chunks. 

And in an attempt to make sure MoviePass users aren't using the service fraudulently, some users are even being asked to submit photos of their movie stubs as proof of purchase. It's not clear if this will eventually be the norm, or if this is just a test for specific areas. 

Although these changes seem to be bad news for people who are just signing up for the service.  MoviePass insists these changes will not affect current subscribers.

What do you think about the change? Does this mean the end of the too good to be true service?

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