Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party and Offers Advice

I've heard the legend of Bill Murray. That he will randomly show up and do something so amazing that when you tell your friends, no one will believe you. It's one thing to say, "Some random guy took a bite out of my sandwich." It's another to say, "Bill Murray grabbed my sandwich, took a huge bite and said 'good choice'. Then walked away." Well, just like the elusive Bigfoot, we now have blurry footage that proves Murray exists.

Deadspin received this video from someone at a bachelor party. According to the partygoers, Murray was spotted at the restaurant where the bachelor party was taking place. They sent him drinks, which he declined. Then they got brave and asked if he would say some things to the groom-to-be. Murray said "no thanks." Not too long after, Murray made a surprise appearance and departed some sage advice, not to the groom, but to all the single fellas in the room.

Murray has had an amazing career. I love the idea that he's out there blowing people's minds with relatively simple advice because it's Bill f@%& Murray doing it! Thnks to Daily Mail for the embed.

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