Bill Murray Says He Would Be in Upcoming GHOSTBUSTERS Movie If Asked


While at the Cannes Film Festival that began this week, Eric Kohn over at IndieWire was able to sit down with the legendary Bill Murray and chat about the Ghostbusters franchise. Murray had some really lovely things to say about his original costars and his experience in making the first two films. Here’s what he had to say:

“This franchise paid for my son’s college. We made this thing. We are the caretakers of it. It’s a great thing and it was a really fun movie to make. It’s a real movie with some really funny stuff in it.”

He went on to talk about his co-stars, saying:

“They’re wonderful people. Danny [Ackroyd], Ernie [Hudson], Harold [Ramis], Rick Moranis, Annie Potts — they’re some of the coolest people and they had real careers. They treat people well. They really understand what it is to be a movie actor. It’s a complete collaboration.”

People had heard the rumors over the years about Murray being vocal about the fact that he was done with the franchise. He went on to comment about his decision to appear in the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot, saying that he decided to join the movie because of his friendship with co-stars Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy. He added:

“I was in that movie just because they asked me, and I knew if I said no, I was saying I didn’t support that movie. I felt like, OK, I’m going to support them because I support them as people. So I did that one and I would do this next one.”

That’s awesome news! I’m glad Murray doesn’t have as hard of feelings toward the franchise as people had assumed. Although he has gone on to make a career full of other fantastic series, he will always be a beloved part of the Ghostbusters family.

The next film is being directed by Jason Reitman, son of Ivan Reitman, the director of the first two Ghostbusters movies, and has already cast a group of talented actors that include Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things, It), Mckenna Grace (Annabelle Comes Home, Captain Marvel), and Carrie Coon (Avengers: Infinity War, Gone Girl).

I know I speak for most fans when I say it would be so awesome to see Bill Murray in another Ghostbusters movie! Reitman is being extremely secretive about the upcoming film, so hopefully this is one of the surprises we will get to see!

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