Bill Murray Wants to Bring Back Bell-Bottoms


I love Bill Murray in movies like Groundhog Day and Zombieland. He’s hilarious. I don’t know how I feel about his latest fashion endeavor though. Murray has decided to team up with Betabrand to crowdfund a new line of bell-bottom pants called Bill-Bottoms. One pair will set you back $100.30, but comes in the signature “Lucy the Caboosie” print that pays tribute to Murray’s mother. The pants are 95% polyester with the other 5% being spandex. If you’re a golfer, great news; the pockets are designed to be “spacious” and “ball-accomodating”. I’m not a big fan of bell-bottoms, but I do think these are fun. If you want to go back to the 70’s and get yourself a pair of Bill-Bottoms, go to the link and help fund this project. As of this writing, it has 23 days left and is only at 63% of its goal.

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