Black Milk's Princesses and Villains Collection

At GeekTyrant we love Disney princesses, and we love Black Milk clothing. (Pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever seen was a leggy brunette wearing these leggings with a silk tunic and sandals. It was so chic.) So when we heard about Black Milk’s new Princesses and Villains collection, we were excited. And while it’s a little bit hit or miss (this swimsuit baffles me) and some of the pieces are a little bit young (I like this suit but maybe a toddler should wear it), there are some great pieces lurking in the collection. Here are a few of our favorites.

We’re All Mad Here Leggings
These Cheshire Cat printed leggings are insane in all the best ways. Bright, fun, and fittingly psychedelic, these are a perfect way to step up your I-overslept-and-threw-on-these-leggings game.

Mulan Skater Skirt
There’s a reason this is currently sold out in most sizes, and that is because it is terrific. It’s simple and subtle and pays tribute to the most badass Disney heroine.

The Black Mamba Catsuit
I’m not totally sure what this catsuit has to do with Disney anything, except that I guess every villain needs a slinky black outfit. However, this is amazing, and in spite of the fact that I actively campaign against a) jumpsuits and b) velvet clothing, it still made its way into my shopping cart.

Down the Rabbit Hole Pencil Skirt
This print has an ombre effect that is out of this world. Or under it (Get it? That was a pun). Either way, it is great.

Tale As Old As Time Dress
The stained glass print on this body con dress is sure to get you lots of attention. You’ll be the “Belle” of the ball in this one! I’ll be here all week, don’t forget to tip your waitress.

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