BLACK MIRROR Is One Of The Most Important Shows Of Our Time

Pop culture constantly shapes our world. It forms the jokes on our lips, the passions that we pursue, and the things that we buy. Although the ideas and concepts aren't our own, we adopt and transform them in a way that shapes our personality. That blending creates something entirely new and incredible, which then (hopefully) will go on to inspire and shape someone else.

Maybe I'm just watching too much Black Mirror.

I think I'm onto something, though. How often have we seen the technology of today be compared to the same technology its creators saw on Star Trek 50 years ago? Tablets, Face Time, Virtual's not entirely unfair to say a lot of those concepts started there.

Watching Black Mirror, episode after episode I am entranced by the ingenuity of the show runners and their ability to make technology that I REALLY want. Not only do I want it, but it seems feasible and something that I would legitimately be using ten years from now.

Then they turn around and show me EVERYTHING. I see how this tech will change my life, how it could inevitably ruin it, and get a first person perspective into the raw human emotion behind it. Each episode I find myself weighing the moral consequences behind life-changing technology and whether or not the concept presented is actually worth becoming a reality. 

It's a mind f***.

And while I think it's fair to say this show does in some ways parallel to The Twilight Zone, I think Black Mirror in all honesty is something much bigger than that. This show will make you think and really pull you in without doing anything more than just telling you a story. It's incredible and far and away has become one of my favorite sci-fi shows of the past ten years.

If you haven't seen it yet, give it a shot on Netflix. Each episode has a different premise with different characters, so if the first episode isn't your cup of tea (not my favorite episode personally, but interesting) can go ahead and skip right to the Jon Hamm one and revisit the older ones. I can't recommend this show enough. Fans, back me up.

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