BLADE RUNNER 2 Is the Best Thing Harrison Ford Has Ever Read

Ridley Scott is currently making the interview rounds for Exodus: Gods and Kings, and while talking to MTV he opened up a little bit about Prometheus 2 and Blade Runner 2. He also talked about why he avoids reading press and reviews on the films he makes. One of the comments he makes is that he doesn't make films for the people, he makes them for himself. 

Talking about Prometheus 2, the director said the the film will focus on the characters Shaw and David and explained,

"You have to, you can have a person go off into the galaxy, and have a person who still has his head off. Once that head goes back on, he's really dangerous. But he's also very seductive, so maybe he'll persuade her to help him put the head back."

So Prometheus 2 will follow the adventures of Shaw and David as they try to find a body to put his head on! Of course, there will be more to it than that, but it sounds like that's going to be part of it. Then when David does get his body... look out! 

When Blade Runner 2 comes up in the conversation, the director reiterates that the script is written and ready to go. Unfortunately, as we previously reported, Scott doesn't plan on directing it. When asked if Harrison Ford would be back, Scott said that he is and continued,

"Harrison... said this is the best thing I've ever read. So he's very relevant to what happened in the first one. I'm not just doing a sequel with lots of action and see how much farther we can go with the special effects because you can't really. With Blade Runner we kind of landed on a somehow credible future and its very difficult to change that because it's been so influential with everything else."

Well, even though Scott isn't directing the film, at least Ford is on board and the script for it is the best thing that he has ever read. Here's hoping that it's actually really good.

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