BLADE RUNNER 2049 Won't Rely on CGI Effects and Green Screen Use Is Very Limited

Every big movie that comes out these days features CGI effects. Even the films that don't look special effects heavy still use a lot of green screen work. That's just the way the film industry is evolving because it's a lot cheaper to do. 

Well, that's something that we won't have to worry about with Blade Runner 2049. According to director Denis Villeneuve, the movie will have extremely limited CG and green screen work. He's shooting as much as the film possible in-camera. He tells Variety:

"I think I can count on one hand how many times I saw a green screen in all of those months of shooting. There will be CG enhancements, of course, but as much as possible it was in-camera."

That's pretty awesome to hear, especially if you're a film purist. We don't see a lot of film made like this these days, so it's pretty awesome to hear that a film like Blade Runner 2049 is embracing old school filmmaking techniques. The director goes on to say that he prefers working this way saying:

“I hate green screens. It sucks out all my energy. I get depressed. For Blade Runner, we tried our best to do as much as possible in-camera, building everything.”

I love it! Of course, this isn't going to be cheap for the studio, as Blade Runner 2049 is said to be one of the most expensive R-rated film ever made. He goes on to talk about the equilibrium he was trying to find while making the movie:

"I think the movie we are doing, we will need to find our own identity and territory, and at the same time be faithful and linked to the first project. It’s that equilibrium we are trying to find.”

Villeneuve has an impressive film resume, and from what I've seen and heard about Blade Runner 2049, it looks like he's gong to give Blade Runner fans the incredible sequel we're all hoping for. The Pressure is definitely on!  About that pressure the director says:

"I feel [the pressure] every day. At the same time, I’ve never been that inspired and excited. I love risk."

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling are set to star in the film, and it's set to be released on October 6.

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