Blizzard's OVERWATCH - Adventurous 6 min Cinematic Trailer and Gameplay Trailer

Overwatch is Blizzard's first completely new game unattached to a previous title in 17 years. Overwatch seems to follow the same template as Team Fortress 2's multiplayer fun fest. Character types follow into categories like fighters, defenders, tanks, and support, each balanced against each other in a kind rock-paper-scissors dynamic.

The designs and the worlds look really amazing. As I was not at BlizzCon to test it, I've gauged reactions to the game on Twitter. Warcraft movie director Duncan Jones got a little hands on time with the game and tweeted the following:

The gameplay does look really fast paced and should please a lot of you FPS fans. Blizzard has focused on accessibility allowing the less hardcore gamer to still have fun. Blizzard released a six minute cinematic trailer that is a must watch, a six minute gameplay trailer, and 12 character gameplay videos. 

Official game synopsis:

In a time of global crisis, an international task force of heroes banded together to restore peace to a war-torn world. This organization, known as Overwatch, ended the crisis and helped maintain peace for a generation, inspiring an era of exploration, innovation, and discovery. 

After many years, Overwatch’s influence waned and it was eventually disbanded. Now in the wake of its dismantling, conflict is rising once again. Overwatch may be gone…but the world still needs heroes. 

Join the beta and get more details on the Overwatch website.

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