BLOOD WAR BESTIARY Features More Monsters and Villains Perfect for Hell Bound D&D Groups

A lot of Dungeons & Dragons parties are jumping into hell with the release of Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus last week. Well, the adventure will only take you so far and so DMs may try creating their own content for afterward. When that happens, they’ll need monsters for the party to encounter and Blood War Bestiary may be just the thing they need.

This unofficial supplement features 57 monsters, 5 villains, 2 lairs, lore on disease in the Blood War, and a new disease called Hellish Fever. Blood War Bestiary can be used in homebrew campaigns, to customize a Descent into Avernus or Out of the Abyss campaign, or for any other need you have. The supplement was written by Steve Fidler, Bryan Holmes, Anthony Joyce, Jason Mpakos, Patrick E. Pullen, Darrin G. Scott, David Stephens, and Micah Watt. Meanwhile, the art has been provided by Pullen, Jacob Atienza, Brianna Boyetee, Omercan Cirit, Rick Hershey, Tia Rambaran, Maxwell Song, Dean Spencer, and Elven Tower.

The Lower Planes teem with twisted creatures just waiting to be set loose.

Use these new elements to enrich your Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus or Out of the Abyss campaign. Or, if you’re feeling particularly fiendish, unleash them on the Material Plane where dwell your unsuspecting party of adventurers.

You can purchase Blood War Bestiary from DMs Guild for $12.95.

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