Comedian and EIGHTH GRADE Director Bo Burnham Is Writing Songs for New SESAME STREET Movie

If you’re a fan of Bo Burnham, you know he’s anything but kid friendly, as his stand-up career is mainly based on his ability to write dark and dirty songs, poetry, and haikus. His comedy is different from any other I’ve seen before, and he is really weird in the best way. Last year, he made his directorial debut with his film Eighth Grade that he wrote as well. He has definitely made a name for himself, but with an adult crowd and brand.

So it is a bit of a surprise that he is the choice of songwriter for the upcoming Sesame Street movie. It will definitely be a changeup for the comedy king. The movie is being directed by Jonathan Krisel, known for writing and directing Portlandia and Baskets, so it sounds like it will have a different and quirky style of comedy to it. Anne Hathaway is the only cast member hired so far, and Deadline reports the following storyline:

Big Bird and his Sesame Street friends are mysteriously expelled from their neighborhood, finding themselves in Manhattan. They team up with Sally Hawthorne, a plucky history-show host who’s on a quest to save her program and prove that Sesame Street actually exists. Obstacles are created by the “evil” mayor, with reasons of his own for keeping Sesame Street hidden from the world.

Aside from the subject matter of Burnham’s portfolio, he really is a talented musician. And if you can write songs, you can write songs. I think Burnham will be a great and funny addition to the movie, and I am excited to hear what he comes up with.

Are you more excited for this film knowing the talent behind the scenes? The Sesame Street movie hits theaters January 15, 2021.

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