Boba Fett Escapes the Sarlacc in STAR WARS Fan Film

Oliver Thompson has written and directed a Star Wars fan film called "Beyond the Dune Sea." The story starts off with Boba Fett inside the Sarlacc creature that swallowed him up in Return of the Jedi, and it follows him as he escapes from the belly of the beast and continues on his mission to capture Han Solo. The special effects are a little shoddy, but it’s still a fun fan film that is worth checking out.

This a non-canon story telling of his escape from 'The Almighty Sarlacc!' We decided to make an original story that is not based on the books or other parts of the Expanded Universe.

The director also offers up a statement regarding why Boba Fett doesn’t use his Slave 1 ship in the film:

Hi guys thanks for watching Star Wars Beyond The Dune Sea! I have had a few fans ask me why Boba Fett doesn't use his own ship Slave 1 and instead uses Bossk's ship the Hound's Tooth. It's a good question. My thinking was if every one thinks he is dead it is too his advantage. All eyes would be on Jabba's Palace after his death. Boba could avoid attention from his competitors, the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. It comes down to the old theory of the element of surprise. He would be able to go after his quarry more discreetly, then easily go back for Slave 1 at a later date.

Check out the short and let us know what you think!

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