Bold TV Detective Portraits Are on the Case

ArtX-Filesby Mily Dunbar

I don’t know if your dad was super into detective shows, but mine was. Is. Also, he was a teacher, so all summer if I wanted to watch TV it was reruns of Mike Hammer. I honestly cried tears of joy when he discovered Homocide, because at least that was good. (Mike Hammer was so bad that my dad actually denies having ever watched it, but I was there. I remember it all too well.) Now that I’m a grown-ass woman with her own TV (and various other show-watching devices) I’m a little nostalgic for the many, many hours of my childhood spent watching every detective show that ever aired. Which is why I love this art series so so much.

Olivier Fritsch Gomez made these simple, fun illustrations of TV detectives, and they are pretty great. My favorite is Colombo, because the posing is so perfect. My only quibble is that Magnum’s shorts should be so much shorter. Also, he left out such classics as Spenser: for Hire, The Fall Guy, and Simon & Simon.

You can see even more fictional cops on his Deviant Art page here and his website here. Thanks to Xombie Dirge for the tip.