Boldly Go and Purchase These 5 Awesome STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Items!

I've gotten deep into some Star Trek: The Next Generation over these past few months on Netflix. Yeah, I'm late to the party — I was only a year old at the show's beginning and honestly a lot of the show's themes and concepts were above my head. I've made up for it, though, now becoming a bit obsessive with any and all things TNG related. Here are some awesome items I've purchased or will be purchasing when I get my next check and before my wife finds out!

Wesley Crusher Replica Zip Up Hoodie

Price: $35.99 on Think Geek

I can say a lot of things about Wesley Crusher. Something positive I can say is he wore the hell out of that sweater! Unfortunately, you aren't going to find an exact replica of that sweater unless you take up knitting, but Think Geek has this contemporary reimagining! Sure, it's not true to the series, but it looks stylish and fans will certainly get what you're going for when you wear it to cons. 

A lot of you may be saying..."Psshhh not legit enough," and I hear you...but I respond with a picture of Wil Wheaton wearing it!

Changes your perspective, doesn't it?

Borg Cube Mini Fridge

Price: $149.99 on Think Geek

Pretty self explanatory... it's a Borg cube fridge! Much like Borg technology, it's adaptable and can keep food warm in addition to cold! I have a normal size fridge so I don't know if all mini fridges do that...but I needed a joke somewhere. That green lighting isn't for show and really is what sold me on this item. A quick disclaimer to international (outside of U.S.) readers...the makers do not suggest using this in your country as your power supply may break the fridge. It may also assimilate and consume your body...who knows.


Price: $35.00 from Mayfair Games

I already own this game, and in all actuality it started my venture into the world of Star Trek to begin with! Released this year, the five year mission allows you to play either with the TNG crew or the original set. Each player picks a crew member and uses dice to complete various missions until victory cards are gained for a successful five year mission. It's a co-op game, but in truth, the most challenging and entertaining one I've played on tabletop. Each crew member has a special ability they can use once a turn and is in their own way vital to the game. I love this game, and my team has only won once out of the several times we've played it. Seriously, I can't recommend this game enough for fans, and even non-fans! Even if you don't know the show, the game is simple, fun, and easy to follow!

The Klingon Hamlet

Price: $8.95 on Amazon

If you're really looking to get made fun of in your high school English class, man, do we have the book for you. Shakespeare can be daunting with his writing style, so why not instead read the Klingon translation? Truthfully, it would just look pretty sitting on your bookshelf as a conversation starter...

"Is that a Klingon version of Shakespeare?"


*Pages through* "Wow this is written in it different than the original?"

"I have no idea."

This review on the site really says it all.

Finally, the general public can read Shakespeare as he should be read--in the warrior's tongue. This book, formerly only available to humans in a small run in hardback, is now out in paperback, far more accessible to students of Klingon culture. Hamlet is an insightful tale of an earlier time and a royal house fallen into such indecision and intrigue that even revenge is hesitant--a truly disturbing work.
To step back from the conceit of Wil'yam Shax'pir as Klingon dramatist and keen observer of the Klingon culture, the study and development of tlhInganHol is an amazing work, at least equaling Tolkien's linguistic inventions, and the translation of Hamlet is a true labor of lo--er, honor. I would buy a video/DVD of a performance of Hamlet in Klingon (with English subtitles) in a heartbeat, and I hope that otther works of Shakespeare are "restored."

Officially Licensed Riker Mask

Price: $5.20 on Amazon

Hands down the most unintentionally horrifying item on the list.  I have always wanted to be Riker though...and Halloween is coming up. For six dollars, this is an easy buy for me. I'm gonna strut around town and sit in chairs weird and lean on stuff! Maybe I'll even ask someone to refer to me as "numbah one"! Later guys, I gotta go get this before it sells out.

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