Bone-Breaking Movie Supercut

Here’s a awesomely gut-wrenching video supercut that features 60-seconds of badass bone breaking scenes from movies. Let's see if you can actually get through the whole video of gruesome bone-breaking insanity! 

Welcome to sixty seconds of pure bone crunching movie madness, many things can make a film scene cringe worthy, a ridiculous fight scene (Daredevil we're looking at you), corny one-liners or just any of Nic Cage's accents. But bone breaking has the power to make everyone wince once in a while. Share and Enjoy!

I definitely cringed a couple of times. I’ve never ever broken any kind of bone in my body, and I’m hoping that I get through this life without hearing the sound of my own bones snapping… Knock on wood!

Via: Gizmodo