Borg Cube Mini Fridge Will Assimilate Your Soda


It's that time of year when the aisles of big box stores are full of extra-long twin sheets, bean bag chairs, and desk lamps. Teens are gearing up to head to college, and teens, you are going to want this glowing Borg Cube mini fridge, because if you have roommates, the food sharing/stealing situation can be a little intense. The very small refrigerator also has a warm setting, which, I don’t even know what you’d use that for. Maybe if you are rewarding yourself for memorizing conjugations with sips of warm soup?


Anyway, it looks like a Borg Cube, and it glows. The Borg Cube is an obscure enough reference that it won’t make you a target for the backward few who haven’t heard that Star Trek is actually cool now, while signaling your fandom to your like-minded comrades. It is basically a social dog-whistle in refrigerator form. As an added bonus, the product photos feature a Bawls energy drink, my beverage of choice on the best, wildest night of my collegiate career. Clearly everyone with this fridge is destined for greatness. 

The Borg Cube Fridge holds 9 cans of soda (or a lot of bacon). It’s a Think Geek exclusive that will run you $150, but it’s $150 well spent if it keeps your roommate from drinking all your soy milk.

Source: Oh Gizmo

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