BossLogic Shows What Dave Bautista Could Look Like as Bane in SUICIDE SQUAD 2

Dave Bautista wants to join Suicide Squad 2 now that James Gunn is at the helm. The question fans have had is, who should he play? Some fans believe he should be King Shark while others think he’d be perfect as Bane. If you fall into the latter category, you’ll definitely want to see one possible idea of what Bautista could look like as my favorite Batman villain.

BossLogic has decided to give his two cents in this artwork that mirrors a poster for Guardians of the Galaxy and it looks great. I just wish there was a better view of the front. Of course, he probably won’t have all the same patterns over his body as they are part of Drax’s costume. Does this convince you that Bautista should be Bane, or do you still have a different pick?

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