Brad Pitt to Join Tom Cruise in Joseph Kosinski's GO LIKE HELL

Brad Pitt is looking to team up with Tom Cruise in a new film being directed by Tron: Legacy and Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski, called Go Like Hell.

The film is a racing drama that tells the story of the battle between Ford and Ferrari for dominance in the sports car marketplace. It's based on the book Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and their Battle For Speed and Glory at Le Mans, by A.J. Blaine, which recaps Ford’s challenge to Ferrari with a car designed Carroll Shelby. 

This would be the first time that Pitt and Cruise have been in a film together since 1994's Interview with a Vampire. They made a great team back then, and I imagine they will make a great team in this new film. 

Pitt was already attached to star in the project once before, back in 2009 when Michael Mann on board to direct it. He's still interested, so he's now talking with the new team of filmmakers. 

Here's a more detailed description of the story from the book:

By the early 1960s, Ford Motor Company, built to bring automobile transportation to the masses, was falling behind. Baby boomers were taking to the roads in droves, looking for speed not safety, style not comfort, and Ford didn’t offer what these young drivers wanted. Meanwhile, Enzo Ferrari lorded over the European racing scene, crafting beautiful, fast sports cars that epitomized style.

Baime tells the remarkable story of how Henry Ford II, with the help of a young visionary named Lee Iacocca and a former racing champion turned engineer named Carroll Shelby, concocted a scheme to reinvent the Ford company. They would enter the high-stakes world of European car racing, where an adventurous few threw safety and sanity to the wind. They would design, build, and race a car that could beat Ferrari at his own game, at the most prestigious and dangerous race in the world, the 24 Hours of LeMans.

Go Like Hell transports readers to a golden era in racing when Ford’s innovative strategy led to victories on the track and renewed respect for the American automobile.

Via: THR

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