Brett Ratner Wants to Remake ENTER THE DRAGON

Here’s a bit of news that might make a few you want to puke. Apparently, Brett Ratner wants to remake the legendary Bruce Lee film Enter the Dragon. The director mentioned the idea of doing this movie at a screening of Rush Hour over the weekend. The news comes from AICN, who says,

“According to a few attendees I've spoken to, he (Ratner) reassured the audience that he wasn't trying to find the next Bruce Lee or anything crazy like that. Evidently, he only brought up the remake after professing his love for Lalo Schifrin's amazing score, and seemed to indicate that his film would be a reimagining of Robert Clouse's iconic showcase for Lee's talents… He wouldn't get into specifics.”

Ratner is a filmmaker who should never be allowed to touch Enter the Dragon. Hell, the movie shouldn’t be allowed to be remade in the first place. But the fact that Ratner wants to do it makes the whole thing even more utterly awful. 

If you’ve seen any of Ratner’s films, then you know the guy isn’t a very good filmmaker. Many of the fanboys and fangirls still haven’t forgiven him for what he did with X-Men: The Last Stand, and his last film, Hercules, was so bad that it's hard to believe any studio would give him any money to make another movie. He just doesn’t have the talent to pull off something as amazing as Enter The Dragon

Hopefully the project doesn’t gain any traction, just like the majority of the films that he has tried to develop over the years.

Would any of you like to see Ratner remake Enter the Dragon

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