Bring Love and Romance to DUNGEONS & DRAGONS with HEARTS AND ARROWS Supplement

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and you may be getting into the routine of watching some romantic films or shows or just eating yummy chocolates. Another option you have is playing your favorite tabletop RPG. If said RPG is Dungeons & Dragons, Morgan Davie has your back for bringing romance into the game. You can check out her fan-made supplement, Hearts and Arrows: Rules options for love & romance, which does just what the title says; provide optional rules for romance and love into your campaign.

Whether you have a character who crushes on everyone, or someone who is looking to find an NPC to settle down with, Hearts and Arrows provides some interesting guidelines and mechanics. That’s right, Davie introduces a new mechanic called Sparks which acts very much like Inspiration. Other options introduced include Cursed Love, Fated Love, Fake Love, and Temptation to cause some intrigue.

If you’re interested in adding some romance to your campaign and want a guide, Hearts and Arrows is something you may want to look at. You can pick it up at DMs Guild for only $2.95.

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