Bruce Campbell Launches Hilarious ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Emmy Nomination Campaign

Bruce Campbell wants to be nominated for an Emmy Award for his work on Ash Vs. Evil Dead so bad that he has started his own hilarious campaign to make it happen! This is all part of a make the “Emmys groovy again” campaign, and he’s released two videos to kick it off. These videos will be followed by billboards around intersections of Los Angeles like Sunset and Fairfax. You will also see a huge push online through social media and digital advertising. Campbell and Starz are absolutely serious about this, and you know what? He freakin’ deserves it!!!

Starz EVP of Communications Theano Apostolou said in a statement to Deadline:

“If there’s one thing that the 2016 campaign season has taught us, it’s that voters respond to a bold pitch. You can’t really go wrong by getting out of the way and letting Bruce Campbell do what he does best… which is pitch Bruce Campbell. We think his chainsaw hand will help cut through all the noise.” 

Campbell totally deserves the recognition for his role of Ash in the horror comedy series, and you can watch the videos in which he hopes to convince you and the people at the Emmys that he's worthy of the nomination below. I hope the Emmy voters are open and bold enough to nominate Campbell for the Outstanding Lead Comedy Actor award. 

Ash Vs. Evil Dead is an incredibly funny series, and Campbell is so freakin’ funny in it. The first season was one of my favorite shows last year. If anyone deserves to be nominated, it's Campbell!

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