Bruce Campbell Reveals What The Best Moment For Him Was While Being Involved With The EVIL DEAD Franchise

The Evil Dead franchise made Bruce Campbell a legend. The franchise launched his career and the directing career of his friend Sam Raimi. Over the years they made three incredibly fun and entertaining Evil Dead movies and three seasons of an awesome TV series.

In all the years that Campbell has been involved with the series, he reveals that the best and most satisfying moment for him in his career came at the very beginning after the first movie was shot and was released in theaters. In an interview with CB, the actor talked about this moment, saying:

"Really, the main satisfaction came way back, first Evil Dead when the movie showed, I went to see it on a Saturday afternoon at the Showcase Cinema at Pontiac, Michigan where I saw The Poseidon Adventure as a kid. It's where I saw all of my formative years' movies, in that theater. To go there, middle of the afternoon, there's like 15 people there, I didn't care, to have our movie projected in the same theater, that was it. It was all gravy after that, because I never thought we could get to that. Have our movie showing in our movie theater? No way. No way."

I can totally see why that would have been such an amazing and gratifying experience. He sat in the same movie theater that he watched movies in as a kid and watched a film that he made with his friends! Yeah, nothing could top something like that.

Sure, the movie wasn't a huge hit, but it didn't matter! These guys went out and made a movie in 1981 during a time where it wasn't easy to make an indie film! It also got their foot in the door of Hollywood, which also isn't easy, and they've since gone on to work on some pretty incredible and entertaining projects.

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