Bruce Campbell Says He's Down For Five Seasons of ASH VS. EVIL DEAD

Bruce Campbell said he's willing to treat Evil Dead fans to five seasons of Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Comicbook spoke with the star/executive producer of the show and asked how long he's willing to stick with the series:

"I'll take five! I'll take five seasons of this. Give the fans a big boost of the material; they'll have 25 fresh hours of the show after this, after we're done [with five seasons], and that's like making 12 movies!"

You can't argue with that! When you're on a premium channel, you might as well be watching a movie with the budget they give you! Campbell also had this to say about Ash and his experience with the role:

"He's officially the best character that I've ever played, and it's one that I'm going to investigate and explore until they tell me I can't do it anymore...I find Ash, with all of his flaws, all his foibles, all his mistakes, so wonderfully human that it's hard for me to relate to super hero movies."

I've heard nothing but good things about the show and I like the films, so maybe now is the time to check out season 1 on Blu-ray. You can catch season 2 currently airing on Starz. 

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