Bruce Campbell Says If ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Gets Cancelled They Might Make Another Movie

Fans seem to be loving Ash Vs. Evil Dead, I know I am! It's been amazing to see them push the boundaries as they continue telling the story of Ash and his battle with the deadites. They've done some insanely crazy shit in this series and it's been extremely entertaining. 

I hope this series doesn't end anytime soon, but if it does, there's a good chance that we might actually see director Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell make another movie. During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly as he is talking about Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 3, he's asked about the possibility of Season 4 and he replied:

"We won’t know till the middle of March. We’re in the horrible television limbo right now."

He's then asked if we will ever see another Evil Dead movie and in regards to that, he says:

"We’re going to see what the TV gods have in store for us. We’re ready either way. If they take us off the air, we can think about another movie. And if they don’t, we can just keep plugging away."

Personally, I don't think we need a movie as long as the series is around, but if the series does end up getting canceled for some reason, it would be great to see another film. If that happened, I would love to see another Army of Darkness-style chapter to the story. Something that takes Ash back to some ancient time. I hope they end up doing that with the series eventually!

One thing is for sure, they are leading up to a big pay off for fans. In a separate interview with Consequence of Sound, Campbell teased the season finale, saying:

"The big payoff. It’s everything we’ve built up to. Hopefully the audience will go, 'F-ckin’ A-right, Ash. F-ckin’ A-right.' You know? Ash is gonna prove his stuff, man. This is it. This is the final showdown."

He's obviously not going to spoil anything, but he did tease that there will be some fatal consequences for the characters on the show:

"It’s too early to tell who’s coming back only because we don’t even know if we’re coming back. So, mid-March is when we’re gonna get the sign; either see you later alligator, or pack your bags: we’re going for another season. So, we’ll see. Our inclination is to start fresh. We had some big changes at the end of the season which are great, it’s a cool end of the season. But the way that we went, it probably requires, you know, a little bit of shuffling if we were to continue."

Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 3 is currently running on Starz and if you haven't started watching it, you should! After hearing the hype of how the season will come to an end, I can't wait to see what they have in store.

Do you hope to see another Evil Dead movie one day? Where do you want to see the story go?

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