Bruce Wayne's Father is Rumored To Play a Role in The Joker Origin Film

With the DC Entertainment's Joker origin movie getting an official greenlight from Warner Bros., another rumor has surfaced regarding director Todd Phillip's and Joaquin Phoenix's film.

According to Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider, who recently appeared on a new episode of Collider Movie Talk, Bruce Wayne's father Thomas will play a significant role in the story. He made the reveal when talking about the role that Robert De Niro will be playing in the film, and no, he will not be playing Thomas Wayne:

"As for De Niro's role, I don't think he's playing some canon type character. I think he's playing like a local TV host or something like that, who's maybe broadcasting about the Joker. I'm not entirely sure. I do know that one character who has a big role in this is Thomas Wayne."

It's interesting to learn that Thomas Wayne may play a decent sized role in the film. Only time will tell what his role in the story will entail, what his connection to Joker will be, and if the film will touch on the tragic story of he and his wife's murder.

If Thomas Wayne does show up in the Joker origin movie what role do you think that he'll play in the story?

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