Bruce Willis Set to Star in MoviePass Films' Mystery Crime Thriller 10 MINUTES GONE


While MoviePass is still trying to figure out how to keep their movie subscription service alive, their film division, MoviePass Film, is moving forward with a new film project called 10 Minutes Gone and Bruce Willis is set to star in it. 

The story follows a man "who loses ten minutes of his memory due to being hit by a stray bullet during a bank heist gone wrong. He must put the pieces of his broken memory together in order to find out who sabotaged the job and took the money, all while being pursued by a powerful crime boss hellbent on recovering the cash."

Willis will take on the role of the pissed off crime boss. In a statement, Willis said that he's “excited to be working with producers Randall Emmett and George Furla again with their new venture MoviePass Films.”

The film will be directed by Brian A. Miller from a script written by Kelvin Mao and Jeff Jingle. Miller and Willis have a long working relationship with each other as they both worked on Vice, The Prince, and the upcoming film Reprisal. All of Miller's films have been pretty mediocre, so I'm not expecting much from this next project of his.

MoviePass Films also released the movie Gotti, which completely bombed in every way possible. Look, just because you get famous actors to star in your movies doesn't mean it's going to be a hit. The movies actually need to be good if you want people to watch them. 

The movie will also star Meadow Williams who recently completed filming on Boss Level, opposite Mel Gibson and Naomi WattsSwen Temmel, Sergio Rizzuto and Tyler Jon Olson.

Source: Deadline

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