Bryan Singer Removed as Executive Producer on LEGION and Possibly THE GIFTED

After Bryan Singer was fired from the Queen Biopic Bohemian Rhapsody and the rape accusations were made against him, it's not surprising to hear that he is starting to be removed from other productions.

According to Deadline, Bryan Singer has been removed as an executive producer on the X-Men series Legion. According to the report, this was at the request of Singer. An inside source said:

“Bryan asked to take his name off the show, so we have done that."

Apparently, he didn't have much to do with the show anyway. Series creator Noah Hawley said:

“Very early on in the conception of the show, I met him a couple of times. He was interested in directing the pilot, but once I stepped in to direct, I haven’t spoken to him since that moment. Really, he was a name on the screen.”

So it doesn't seem as if he'll be missed. Singer is a bit more invested in the other X-Men series, The Gifted, though. He directed the pilot episode for the series. In regards to that series, Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn said that the network was "looking into" Singer’s status as an executive producer on that series. He says that they are taking it "very seriously".

Apparently, the fact that Singer is more invested in the series makes things a little more complicated. There is a contractual guarantee that he will have an executive producer credit on the series. But, if these sexual allegations are true, then chances are they are going to have him removed from the series. Hell, if they're true, his career is done.

I really enjoy Legion and The Gifted and in the end, I'm sure they will continue to be fine without Singer's involvement. 

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