Bryan Singer Says New Show LEGION is "Part Of The X-MEN Universe"

TV X-MenLegionFX by Mick Joest

Bryan Singer has officially confirmed that Marvel's new mutant television series Legion will take place within the X-Men universe. THR says Singer, along with Fox executive Peter Rice (Legion will air on FX), spoke about the new show at the Edinburgh Television Festival:

"(It's) part of the X-Men universe, but when you watched it, you wouldn't have to label it, it could exist completely on its own."

Ideally, I think that's the way I would want it. Acknowledge the fact that there are other mutants, but don't leave the audience wondering why Professor X isn't helping them. Not much else was said about the upcoming show, but Singer did talk about the stressful beginning to the X-Men franchise that would go on to spark a wave of superhero films:

"X-Men collapsed. We lost our entire crew, we couldn’t get a budget or script or anything. At one point, it was myself, my friend Tom DeSanto and you, the three of us sitting on the floor of the Spanish Broadcasting Building … in a little tiny office pasting pieces of paper together, trying to construct a story.”

That's pretty crazy to think about a world where X-Men may not have happened. Would Spider-Man have been enough to bring Marvel back into their own studio? Probably, but X-Men instilled the confidence that there was indeed a demand for superhero films. 

In either case, I am super excited to check out Legion! I've always been interested in the expanded mutant universe, so I hope this doesn't disappoint. 

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