Bryan Singer Wants To See The Original Cast Star in Another X-MEN Movie

X-Men: Apocalypse is in theaters everywhere right now, and while I thought it had a few excellent moments, it's mostly a disappointment. All due credit to Bryan Singer for kicking this film franchise off (and launching the modern superhero movie genre to a new level), but I don't think he's the right guy to continue making X-Men movies anymore. But if he has his way, he'd bring the original cast back for one more X-movie.

"I hope so. The night we had a little screening for the cast, I went and saw Patrick Stewart's wife sing at a local venue with Ian McKellen. The two of us were sitting there watching Patrick's lovely wife sing -- she has a great voice -- and I was thinking, yeah, at some point it would be lovely to see them all again. They're all great actors and great people, and I had great experiences with them. I'd love to see that happen -- it's just you have to figure it out. How do you do that? You can't do it for the sake of doing it -- you have to do it right. Or else it's just one of those cobbled-together things."

At this point, the continuity of this franchise is so completely screwed that Singer might as well bring back every member of the original cast and throw them all in for one last ride. Hell, he wouldn't even need to get all of them — just getting Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine again (after he retires from the role following The Wolverine 3) would be enough to get fans to go see the movie, regardless of the story it told. The timeline already doesn't make any damn sense (Apocalypse takes place twenty years after X-Men: First Class, but most of the characters look exactly the same), so just go ahead and reintroduce old Cyclops, Storm, and the rest of the gang, and just confuse the hell out of everyone even further. If Fox isn't going to give the rights back to Marvel Studios, just embrace the chaos and make this the most confusing, insane superhero film franchise of all time.

Source: Fandango

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