Bugs Bunny Character Designer Bob Givens Passed Away at the Age of 99


Bob Givens, the animator who officially designed the cartoon character Bugs Bunny, has passed away. The artist was 99-years-old, and he lived a very long and successful life who has left behind quite an incredible legacy. After all, he did help create one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time.

After givens worked on Disney's 1937 animated filmed Snow White and the Seven Dwarves he went to work alongside Chuck Jones and Tex Avery at Warner Bros. and that's where Bugs Bunny was born. 

Givens also worked on classic TV cartoon series like Popeye the Sailor in 1960s and Alvin and the Chipmunks and He-Man during the 80s. Writing on Facebook, Professor of Animation at the University of Southern California Tom Sito talked about his time with Givens, saying: 

I just heard from Mariana about the passing of her dad, animator Bob Givens, at the age of 99. Bob began at Walt Disney, working on Snow White, marched in the 41 strike, went to Warner Bros, where he designed the original model sheet for the new character called Bugs Bunny. He was a mainstay at so many animation studios until his retirement in 2001.
I met Bob doing layout on HeMan at Filmation. We 'd go to lunch with him and Pete Alvarado. He was so funny, and his memory was so sharp. " I recall Leon Schlesinger's most oft quoted phrase- I'm going to Palm Springs for the rest of the week, and F*ck you all!" He gave me so much information for Drawing the Line among other projects.
Beethoven once said just like a good days work earns a good nights sleep, so a good life well lived earns a good death. Happy Landings Bob, say hi to all the gang in Animation Valhalla. You were one of the greats.

As someone who has extensively studied the art of animation, I've been very familiar with the work of Bob Givens, and the work he did thoughout his life will live on with the fans. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends. 

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