Build Your Own STAR WARS X-Wing Helmet

When I was a kid, I would wear a bicycle helmet that I imagined was an X-Wing Fighter helmet. I spent hours and hours riding my bike (and also in a cardboard box) imagining I was in an epic Star Wars battle flying around in an X-Wing, Snow Speeder, or the Millennium Falcon. It’s just one of those things I did as a kid! 

Now as an adult, if I had the money, I could go out and purchase awesome replica costumes. Unfortunately, since those vehicles don’t really exist, I would still have to sit in a giant cardboard box imagining myself in a Star Wars battle. Those replicas can be pretty pricey, though. 

Thanks to DIY Prop Shop, we have a video that shows us how we can make our very own X-Wing fighter pilot helmet for under $50. That’s a good deal for those of us that can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a replica.

The Force Awakens very soon, and we couldn't let opening weekend slip by without an epic Star Wars build! Watch as Dustin makes his very last prop with us: the Wing Helmet!