Bullseye is Coming to DAREDEVIL Season 3 and He Will Be Played By Wilson Bethel

If you were hoping to see Bullseye introduced in Marvel's Daredevil Season 3, you're in luck! According to That Hashtag Show, the legendary assassin and classic Daredevil villain will appear in Season 3 and he will be played by Wilson Bethel (Hart of Dixie).

The report goes on to offer some information on the character and how he will be portrayed in the series. Earlier on in the development of the Season 3, there was a character “Steve” who was cast that was described as an awkward FBI agent that needed the structure of the bureau to keep the darkness inside him subdued. Turns out, this Steve character is actually Bullseye. The report explains:

Comic fans know Bullseye as either “Lester” or “Benjamin Pointdexter”, but there is actually an alternate version of Bullseye that Marvel TV could be drawing on for inspiration here. During his Punisher MAX run, creator Jason Aaron reimagined Bullseye as Sheldon Pendergrass, a highly-skilled marksman and deadly hand-to-hand combatant, so perhaps “STEVE” will be Sheldon in Season 3. As with all Marvel TV shows, we know we won’t be getting a direct adaptation of this or any character, but here’s to hoping we’ll see the best bits of Bullseye’s brand of crazy when the series airs later this year!

Bullseye is a badass character and it's great to hear that he will finally be introduced in Daredevil Season 3. It will be interesting to see how exactly he'll be portrayed. 

We know this next chapter of the story is inspired by Frank Miller's 1980 Born Again storyline from the comics. Charlie Cox will return as Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson, and Vincent D’Onofrio will be back as Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin.

Newcomers to the series include Wilson Bethel (Hart of Dixie) as an FBI agent and Joanne Whalley (The Borgias, Gossip Girl, Wolf Hall) as Sister Maggie, who is Daredevil’s mother. She is the one who nurses Matt Murdock back to health.

Daredevil Season 3 will premiere on Netflix in 2018. What do you think about what we know about Bullseye so far and who will be playing him?

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