Buy a Cool Shirt, Maybe Win a Computer

Gear by Mily Dunbar

My favorite site to check for cool shirt designs is Cotton Bureau. They sell shirts in small batches, posting a few new designs every day. If a design gets 12 orders in two weeks, it gets printed. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. The designs span every category, and there are a ton of great geeky shirts up for grabs. Because the batches are small and the ordering window is brief, you can be sure you’re getting something that isn’t going to show up on every Tom, Dick, and Harry at the Con.

But the end of November is the best time to shop Cotton Bureau, because that’s when they run their “All the Tees” event, when they bring out all their best designs, make them all available for three weeks, and every item ordered enters you into a mondo giveaway. This year, every prize comes from Apple, and the more shirts they sell, the bigger they get. The prizes start with iTunes gift cards, but If they get up to 15,000 hats, shirts, and sweatshirts sold, they’re giving away two iMac Pros. (You can read the full set of rules here.)

So while you’re bored and/or Christmas shopping this weekend, or any day through December 10, check out Cotton Bureau, buy a shirt or two, and maybe win something while you’re at it. I’ve collected some of my favorite shirts below, but you can kill some serious time looking through their shop.

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