C-3PO Electric Guitar

I’m guessing two groups of people are looking at this picture and screaming for two very different reasons. Toy collectors are probably up in arms because Etsy user Marc Potter just “destroyed” a perfectly good C-3PO collectibles case. And guitar players are likely exclaiming, “I need that right now!” I belong to the latter group, but I’m quite skeptical about whether this would actually sound good.

Rainy Day Instruments presents …#063 C3PO electric Star Wars Guitar, Nice used Behringer maple neck securely attached to a Classic C3PO collectors case. Action figure case still can open and TALKS!

Since I’m not seeing any electronics on this “electric” guitar, I’d guess that keeping the case functional took a front seat to the playability of the guitar. I’m just amazed the case can handle the tension from the strings at all, assuming they’re tuned. In any case, I'd proudly display this on my wall. To peruse more of Marc’s custom musical creations, head over to his Etsy page.