CALIDOR'S CURIOUS CUBE is a Low-Level D&D Adventure That May Leave Your Party Questioning Some Things

Calidor’s Curious Cube is an unofficial Dungeons & Dragons adventure that can be used in official Adventurers League play. It is written by Matthew Moyer and is designed for a group of four level 2-4 characters.

The premise is really quite intriguing and may have your party questioning a few things by the end. Moyer has done a great job of formatting this adventure and even does his best to have prepared answers for common questions PCs will have for NPCs. All-in-all, it’s worth checking out if you need a low-level adventure.

A mysterious storm at sea has trapped The Rose and its crew on an uncharted island that once belonged to the mad mage Calidor. Calidor, in trying to build his own empire, left an entire village of kidnapped people imprisoned here on the island. In trying to free them, however, the party will soon find out that not all is what it seems...

You can purchase Calidor’s Curious Cube from DMs Guild for $2.99.

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