Captain America and Black Widow Assemble for This Fantastic Cosplay

As a self-pronounced Captain America fan, anytime good cosplay comes my way I pounce, like a panther. Actually, if I were being truthful, more like an energized Garfield, only stopping along the way if food is involved. Wow, this derailed rather quickly.

Self esteem issues aside, this wonderful cosplay features not only Cap (modeled by Dan Ridge) but everyone's favorite superspy Black Widow (modeled by Alyson Pearson). As far as the costumes themselves, these are two of the most accurate I've seen, and I can't help but be jealous that I don't have that shield. The photos were taken by the marvelous team at WeNeals Photography and Retouching, and you can view several photos from the shoot below. They are all worth checking out, but my favorite is the just for fun shot behind the shield (the very last one in the post). If you like what you see make sure to check out their pages for more of their work. You can find Dan's Facebook page here and Alyson's Deviant Art page here.


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