Marvel has released a series of photos from Captain America: The Winter Soldier featuring Anthony Mackie as The Falcon. I'm glad they brought this character into the Marvel cinematic universe, it looks like he's going to be an amazing addition to the team. When talking about the movie and the character Mackie had this to say,

“They kind of use this movie to establish my relationship with Black Widow and Captain [America] and Sam Jackson’s character, Nick Fury, [Falcon] is really a military, tactical, [and] driven force. He works with Cap not so much out of self-preservation, but more so out of respect and honor because they’re both military guys and they both share a common bond within the military. [Falcon is] just a stand-up guy that can fight really well.”

It's going to be really fun to see what they do with the character in any future Marvel films. Hopefully they keep him around.

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