Captain America's Age at the End of AVENGERS: ENDGAME Revealed

For those of you who have been wondering how old Steve Rogers/Captain America was at the end of Avengers: Endgame, we have an answer for you!

Fans were shocked and awed when we saw an old Steve Rogers sitting on a bench waiting to be seen by his friends Sam and Bucky. Thanks to visual effects producer Jen Underdahl, we’ve learned that Rogers was 106 years old in that scene. With it being the year 2023 at the end of the film, the age makes sense.

Underdahl asks, "What would a super soldier look like if he had aged 106 years? What would his skin look like?" She then went on to say the process included shrinking and reducing Evans' neck, shoulders, profile, and more to give him that "106-year-old super soldier look."

She also revealed that they had to cast a “skin double” that would approximate the same age and face shape of Cap. It’s really interesting to see what went into pulling off the old man Cap look, and there are a lot of other VFX aspects of the Marvel films that Underdahl dives into in the video below.

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